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Laser Cutting (5 axis and 3 axis)

Weld – Cut - Etch

Our capability to cut parts on any axis has given us the ability to offer hybrid solutions to our customers, effectively lowering costs for complex parts.

~ Marcelo González

The 5 Axis Laser provides the ability to cut with precision and accuracy in 3D or in several planes. Rather than normally planar or 2D cuts, the 5 axis laser provides the ability to cut all geometric forms in almost any plane.

5 Axis Laser can:

  • 3D cuts in almost all planes (x, y, z)
  • Cut any geometry in any location
  • Cut stainless steel, aluminum, steel, and galvanized steel
  • bevel holes

The 3 Axis Laser is able to accurately cut flat sheet metals for both smaller volumes and larger production numbers. The 3 axis laser is located in Cullman, Alabama. Our 5 Axis Laser is housed in our American Trim de México Limex facility in Monterrey, México.

5 Axis Laser Specifications

  • Part Size – 120 in x 60 in
  • Maximum Axis Speed - X,Y 3150 inches per minute (80m/min)
    Z 2165 inches per minute (55m/min)
  • Material Cutting Thickness (varies based on substrate) up to .75 in.

5 Axis Laser Products

The 5 Axis Laser can cut almost any material/product with precision and accuracy including bumpers, brackets, and cross-members.

Today we serve the automotive, heavy duty truck, and appliance industry.