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Advanced Finishing

Scalability – Multiple Curing Capabilities – Multiple Substrates

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The Finish Development Center will now afford first surface decorating technologies to be revolutionary instead of evolutionary. Speed of development to commercialization with a high degree of substrate versatility, repeatability and capabilities will be the cornerstone of this facility

Sustainability in manufacturing relies on never being satisfied with the capabilities currently available or working. A key component of making sure we are giving our customers the best finishing options out there is developing a path to improved processes. We have accomplished this through our Material Deposition Center (MDC). This center researches various organic and inorganic coating methods to evaluate the feasibility of using the coating, not only in production volumes, but so that it will meet our customers' intense quality specifications. Once the finish standard has been met, we phase the capability into our Finish Development Center (FDC).

The FDC is located in our Lima, OH complex that consists of our Research and Development Center as well as our company headquarters. The FDC will be fully functional by January 1, 2012. After that date, we will begin production using advanced finishing techniques that were currently only in development.

The new FDC allows us the ability to develop the most efficient finishing process for each particular part.

Advanced Finishing Specifications

*These print specifications contain improvements over our current processes:
  • Print Sizes: 36in wide by 68 in long*
  • Various substrates:
    • Aluminum
    • Cold Rolled Steel
    • Stainless Steel*
    • Variety of Plastics*

Advanced Finishing Products

The finishing process at the FDC is best suited for:
  • The automobile industry for interior trim applications
  • The appliance industry for decorated trim or panels
  • The architectural industry for a wide variety of interior applications from ceiling to floor