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Advanced Metal Forms

Complex Forming - Value-added Assembly - Alloy Selection

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Metal Forming Brochures

Our comprehensive engineering and manufacturing services will provide you with the best total value for your parts requirements."

Advanced metal forming consists of processes that use deep draw and complex forming and joining technologies for metals including aluminum, stainless steel, and high-strength steels.

American Trim focuses on complex, hard to form items. This capability combined with an extensive, high tonnage stamping, roll forming, and high velocity metal forming process provides a palette of metalworking options.

Advanced Metal Forming is available in all American Trim facilities in the U.S. and México.

Advanced Metal Forms Specifications

We have capabilities for forming material up to .500" thick in complex shapes and forms, produced from material up to 100ksi. At the same time, this capability can reduce gauge thickness by increasing material grades such as high strength, low alloy materials to improve product efficiency.
  • Large bed, high tonnage stamping presses
  • Heavy gauge roll forming capabilities
  • Value-added processes such as welding, joining, finishing, decorating, and assembly

Advanced Metal Forms Products

These products include structural components as well as decorated aesthetic items ranging from refrigerator doors to truck bumpers and from automotive frame modules to tractor fenders, producing 100 to 100,000 pieces per run.
  • Cosmetic and structural appliance components
  • Truck and automotive bumpers
  • Industrial fan shrouds and wall plates
  • Transportation frame components and weldments
  • Fluid power products
  • Motorcycle body parts
  • Agriculture assemblies
  • Fitness Equipment frame and components