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Control Panels - Consoles for User Interfaces

Decorated - Specialized Application - RoHS Approved

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American Trim is the industry leader in providing highly aesthetic appliance control panels assemblies. We have facilitized to provide unparalleled delivery, quality and flexibility. We are known for our extreme schedule flexibility and being able to "Save the day" for our customers when other parts affect their schedule. American Trim is also known for our ability to respond quickly and to provide cost effective solutions to our customers on any type of decorative metal or plastic.

~ Mike Standley - Category Leader- Fabric Care

Raw metal is decorated then shaped and formed into control panels and consoles used for virtually all touch points of device user interfaces.

In-house manufactured RoHS approved coatings are matched to the particular industry, application, and product requirements allowing for a wide range of designs, base metal patterns, and color palette combinations.

Stainless specialty forming is located in Cullman, Alabama and aluminum and ferrous products are decorated and formed in Wapakoneta and Sidney Ohio. These locations with in-line manufacturing processes raw coil to decorated finished product offer low cost, high volume and quick turnaround for low cost product solutions.

Turnkey applications
From concept or design, American Trim can produce a turnkey console product; decorated, tested and ready for JIT deliveries totally assembled for OEM use. Consoles are designed and fabricated for electro mechanical electronics, films, and capacitive touch.

Uses of technology
The processes to fabricate user interface control consoles are also applicable for interior automotive trim, architectural panels, as well as backsplashes, and decorative panels, for the appliance and equipment industry. Coatings are designed for UV, abrasion, chemical, and scratch resistance.

Control Panels - Consoles for User Interfaces Specifications

Specifications dependent upon the customer and console use

Control Panels - Consoles for User Interfaces Products

These specialized applications and applied coatings can be specified for:
  • Higher temperature applications such as range panels
  • High humidity use relating to laundry appliances and refrigeration, and dishwashing
  • Automotive applications for decorated interior metal trim can be coupled with plastic interfaces for quick assembly and unique shapes for cab surrounds