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Core Capabilities

Metal Stamping
Offering an extensive range of capabilities: decorative stamping of trim pieces, complex deep draw stampings, and heavy gauge stamping for support structures.
Stainless Steel Fabrication
Perfection in stainless steel forming and joining is a craft that few manufacturers can accomplish.
In-Mold Decorating
Metal symbolizes lasting quality and value. In-Molding allows companies to continue using metal on their products at an affordable price.
Rapid Prototyping
Our engineers are experts at creating and perfecting deep drawn shapes.
5 Axis Laser
Metal is cut using laser technology that is precise and leaves a high quality finished edge. The 5 axis laser allows for 3D object cutting such as cylinders or tubes.
Roll Forming
Our roll forming lines allow the integration of multiple processes into a continuous flow, yet highly flexible, roll forming production line.
Coating Development
20 years of UV formulating and manufacturing experience gives us an edge in coating products.