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Design for Manufacturability

Rapid Prototyping

Design for Manufacturability

Design Process - Design Studio - Design Projects

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Design Brochure

American Trim has always been an innovator in process design, coating design, and supply chain solutions. It is rare to find a company with the process diversity of American Trim offering its customers the added benefits of industrial and graphic design backed up with consumer research.


Assist our customers with consumer relevant design and innovation supported by quantitative consumer research. Our focus is on the customer's consumer and a disciplined approach to enhance not just the product, but the consumer experience.

Design Process

Our award winning graphic and industrial design staff has acquired a diverse commercial and industrial background by working across the many industries American Trim serves. The staff's cross-industry exposure assures customers are given a maximum opportunity for innovation.

Current and upcoming trends in the market drive design changes. These trends lead to innovation in current products. It is our responsibility to predict and research these customer needs and design solutions.

Customer Experience

We embrace a collaborative approach when assisting our customers with new product design. By working with cross functional teams that consist of engineers, marketing, design, and consumers, we spark innovation and shed light on valuable consumer experience touch- points. We work with customers in three capacities:

  1. We support customer/American Trim projects as vested team members.
  2. We provide expert guidance on trends and design.
  3. We also work as a third party contract design shop to assist customers on outside projects.
Our knowledge of design for manufacturing can help to decrease development cost, while also increasing your delivered quality.

A tour through our Product Development Center is the best way to experience all that our team has to offer.