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Metal Forming

Flexibility - Variety - Assembly Integration

American Trim has a long history in the forming of metal and composite substrates. In fact, many of our capabilities extend beyond 50 years and many of our employees have tenure in excess of 20 years. We know forming and how we can deliver the quality you need at the best possible value.

Roll Forming
Our roll forming lines allow for the integration of multiple processes into a continuous flow, yet highly flexible, roll forming production line.
Heavy Gauge Stamping
Our most in-depth capability is metal stamping. We have presses that can handle tonage of up to 1600 tons.
Deep Draw Stamping
Our engineers are experts at creating deep drawn shapes and, more importantly, experts at perfecting drawn shapes.
Decorative Stamping
Decorative metal stamping allows for an attractive end product combining more precise stamping such as embossing and piercing.
5 Axis Laser
Metal is cut using laser technology that is precise and leaves a high quality finished edge. The 5 axis laser allows for 3D object cutting such as cylinders or tubes.
In-Mold Decoration
Real metal on a product is a symbol of lasting quality and value. In-Molding allow companies to continue using metal on their products at an affordable price.