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High Velocity Metal Forming (HVMF)

Less Floor Space - Energy Savings - Greater Precision

HVMF Brochure

Electromagnetic forming is a high velocity and high strain-rate forming process, and has several advantages over traditional quasi-static forming. American Trim has 5-year experience in applying this technology. We are excited to explore different applications to leverage the benefits of electromagnetic forming.

High Velocity Metal Forming (HVMF) is an exciting breakthrough in metal forming technology with a goal of adding more precision to the metal forming process, increasing processing speed, and reducing cost in terms of equipment and processing.

Benefits of HVMF
  • Metal formability is improved providing a much more consistently formed part
  • The high impact improves surface finish and enhances formability resulting in a crisper, more defined part
  • Wrinkling is suppressed allowing for a deeper draw while maintaining a uniform thickness in the part
  • The opportunity to use lower cost materials because of the improved formability of the process
  • Reduced number of operations
  • Less tooling by using only one die
  • 10%-60% more elongation without tearing
  • Allows welding of dissimilar materials
  • Less reliance on lubricants
  • No hazardous chemicals for cleanup
  • No electromagnetic emissions
  • Controlled spring back
  • Lower energy cost by using less power

Application: Fuel Cell
HVMF Grant Collaboration
Receiving grants from Ohio's Third Frontier Project began a collaboration of education and industry to commercialize fuel cell manufacturing and allow for an efficient and alternate fuel source. The grants demonstrate a continuing collaboration of American Trim, Ohio State University Department of Materials Science and Engineering (OSU), Ohio Northern University (ONU), and the Edison Materials Technology Center (EMTEC).

The most popular form of HVMF is Electromagnetic Forming (EMF)
American Trim is making significant progress in the area of forming fuel cell plates using EMF and is on the verge of bringing this capability to the manufacturing floor in Ohio. The main goal being to decrease the material and capital costs involved in producing fuel cell stacks – a key component in making the technology more affordable to the end consumer. Fuel cell stacks are limited in power generation by size and cost. Today the fuel cell stack comprises almost half of the cost involved in manufacturing a completed fuel cell.

American Trim is working hand in hand with General Motors and Ohio State University to advance this technology. HVMF/EMF has the potential to be utilized across many manufacturing disciplines and American Trim is working in multiple industries to move the technology forward.