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Fiber Laser Welding

Weld – Cut - Etch

Laser welding is faster and more accurate than other welding methods and does not create burrs. With advanced fiber laser technology cutting and welding speeds are as much as 10 times faster than conventional systems (1,000mm/second). The fiber laser is located in our R&D facility in Lima, Ohio. This technology will be integrated into production systems in concert with other leading edge technologies.
Fiber Lasers can:

  • Cut as thin as .124 mm
  • Cut or weld any substrate including exotic alloys
  • Etch
  • Remove material to a fixed depth with accuracy -ablation

Lasers have the ability to cut precise shapes in a variety of thicknesses and substrates providing a cost effective alternative. Laser etching is a precise method of adding a computer generated, crisp graphic that is permanent for functional purposes like identification, or for decorative purposes.

Fiber Laser Specifications

  • 300 watt
  • 18" x 24" X-Y table
  • Cutting 4 mm thickness
  • Welding 1,000 mm/second using galvo head

Fiber Laser Products

  • Heat exchangers and fuel cell bipolar plates
  • Weld thin sheet for micro-fluidic pathway work for heat exchangers and fuel cell bipolar plates
  • Create prototype templates