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Metal Stamping

Light to Heavy Gauge Steel - Aluminum - Stainless Steel

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Metal Stamping Brochure

Our forming capabilities encompass the complete spectrum of our customer needs. Beginning with 1 or 2 piece prototyping samples and continuing with capabilities in excess of 4 million pieces per year from a single work center. The Tool and Design group takes great care to allow processing of very high quality finishes. Precise fit and finish along with complete control of graphic registration is critical to our manufacturing processes.

~ Dale Whetstone - Engineer

Metal stamping is used for a variety of metal substrates calling for a unique process based on different gauges and types of metals. Metal stamping is part of the culture of American Trim with close to 60 years experience in the appliance, heavy truck, and automotive industries. Metal Stamping capabilities include:

  • Coil fed or blank fed presses
  • Progressive die stamping
  • Deep draw metal stamping
  • Heavy gauge metal stamping
  • Light gauge metal stamping
  • Decorative metal stamping
  • Stretch forming operations

Many of our press setups feature automatic transfers and robotic pick-and-place systems which ensure the safety of our employees. This automation offers more time efficient and cost effective solutions:

  • Linear Transfers
    • Servo
    • Mechanical
  • Robots

Metal Stamping Specifications

  • Variety of metal stamping presses
  • Tonnage of 3 to 1600 tons
  • Bed sizes up to 228 inches

Metal Stamping Products

  • Bumpers
  • Support Structures
  • Control Panels
  • Crossmembers
  • Fuel Tank Brackets
  • Automotive Trim