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Decorative Metal

Form - Finish - Function

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Decorative Metal Brochure

American Trim's flexible processes offer several decorative combinations. Whether you are looking for a sleek elegant brush finish or a highly technical pattern with a haptic effect, our materials can add visual appeal and brand differentiation to almost any product. Our finish catalog is always expanding and offers over 1,800 colors and custom patterns to choose from.

~ Audra Keiber - Design Studio Manager

American Trim can selectively brush metal and add subsequent layers of coating and graphics to achieve amazing amounts of visual depth. The decorative metal will have a tactile quality that maintains flexible through form, but has high pile coatings that cure hard. American Trim can translate market trends into custom design finishes, or work with customers to help them achieve custom finishes that do not compromise design intent and are producible in volume.

There are three facilities which have the capability to process decorative coatings including: Lima, Wapakoneta, and Sidney. Our facility in Erie, Pennsylvania works with porcelain decorating only.

Several steps are involved in the print process for our decorative metal application including, but not limited to: Wash, Brush, Printing, and Roll-coating.

Decorative Metal

  • Work with our customer base to achieve their design intent
  • Utilize combinations within our process capability to create producible custom finishes
  • Enhance our ability to design custom coatings to fit performance specifications
  • Demonstrate and create a broad array of colors and effects

Decorative metal is used to accessorize products and make them more appealing to specific audiences, or to enhance the brand language of the product being sold. You can also use this capability to accent design elements or for functional purposes calling attention to controls or special features.

Decorative Metal Specifications

Specifications dependent upon the customer and product line

Decorative Metal Products

  • Control Panels
  • Car Interior Trims
  • Backsplashes
  • Metal trim or accent needs in other industries