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In-Mold Decorating

Product Integration - Authentic Material - Decorative Products

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Decorated Metal Insert Molding has really multiplied the strength of American Trim and our molding partner. By focusing on the best integrated product for our customer instead of only a narrow component of the product, our strong partnership has developed and delivered products where many others have not.

~Steve Couvillon - Director of Engineering

American Trim is taking decorated metal insert molding (in-mold) to the next level by retaining the authentic metallic surface and combining the cost savings and easy integration of plastic.

We offer fully integrated in-mold decorated products by using the development of tie coats that bond metals and resins across the thermal range of applications.

In-mold decoration meets the customer's desire for a high quality finish at a cost much lower than an all-metal solution.

Decorated Metal Insert Molding Specifications

Decorated Metal Insert Molding Products

  • Customized Automotive Trim
  • Refrigerator Bezel
  • Handles
  • Front Load Washer and Dryer Trim Rings