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Porcelain Enamel Application


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Porcelain Enamel

Porcelain Enamel

Abrasion Resistance - Resists Odor and Bacteria - Easy to Clean Finish

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Porcelain Enamel Brochure

A long lasting coating that is well worth the value and durability

~ David Rankin - Plant Manager

Porcelain enamel coats any steel or aluminum substrate using an electrostatic method for a uniform finish. Porcelain enamel has three textures:

  1. High gloss with high lubricity
  2. Small grit
  3. Larger stipple for lower lubricity

Application of the coating can range in thickness from 1 mil to 5 mils. The selected thickness of the coating depends on the final use of the product.

A thin layer provides:

  • More flexibility and impact resistance
  • Good heat conductivity
  • Ability to withstand extreme temperature changes

A thicker layer provides:

  • Longer lasting chemical wear and abrasion
  • Better electrical properties

All porcelain enamel provides:

  • High or low gloss
  • Scratch and abrasion resistance
  • A variety of colors
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Sanitary finish resists odor and bacteria
  • More environmentally friendly process because it uses no solvents

Lastly, being relied upon to make industry standard chips for color matching proves our ability to consistently give the customer any color they may need from 5 to 100 gallons.

Porcelain Enamel Specifications

Our capabilities and the flexibility of the porcelain enamel coating allow us to match your needs with almost any type of customization.

  • Wet or powder application available
  • Metal fabrication and assembly

Porcelain Enamel Products

  • Kitchen and Appliance
    • Broiler and Grill Pans
    • Washer, Dryer, and Stove Tops
    • Burner Bowls and Caps
  • Long lasting (customized) Marker Boards
  • Architectural Panels and Fireplace Inserts