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Roll Forming

Solar Panel Mounts - Heavy Truck Support Structures - Metal Forming

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Roll Forming Brochure

Our roll form lines are ideal for higher volume parts. Due to this type of processing, we are able to hold very tight tolerances

~Rodney Curtis - Plant Operations Manager

Roll forming bends metal as it passes through consecutive sets of rolls or stands, each performing an incremental part of the bend until the desired cross-section is obtained. Our roll forming lines are highly flexible allowing for integration of multiple processes into a continuous flow. Roll forming is:

  • A flexible process that allows for low cost adjustment of tools for variations in flange width, web width, material thickness, and material physical properties
  • Ideal for producing parts with long lengths or large quantities
  • More efficient than stamping for symmetrical parts
  • Perfect for a fixed cross section that requires varying lengths of components
  • An efficient substitution for extruded components based on:
    • Weight per part
    • Annual usage exceeding 50,000 linear feet
    • Consistency in gauge whereas extrusions vary in weight and gauge as extrusion dies wear
Closed process section components can be produced using:

  • lock seam
  • lance and tab
  • glue
  • in-line welding

Roll Forms vs Extrusions

One example of roll forms replacing extrusions is in solar panel mounts. As demand for solar panels increase companies are looking for more efficient manufacturing process.
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Roll Forming Specifications

Aluminum - Stainless Steel - Steel

  • Metal thickness of .005" to .250"
  • Spindle diameters of 1 to 3 inches
  • Multiple roll forming lines
  • Each with 4-30 stands
  • 9 presses incorporated into roll form

Roll Forming Products

We have the capability to produce heavy duty roll forms including:

  • Roll formed bumpers
  • Roll formed fuel tank straps
  • Roll formed cab sills
  • Roll formed air tank brackets
  • Muffler stanchions
  • Channel
  • Solar panel mounts