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Roll Coating

Control Panels - Backsplashes - Automotive Trim - Screen Printing

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Roll Coating Brochure

We have pretreat and paint systems to brush/polish and decorate aluminum and steel. Our opaque, metallic or clear pre-painted coatings have the advantage of being formed after painting and still meeting your performance specification. This method can reduce capital outlay, reduce environmental compliance issues, improve product quality and simplify your overall process.

Roll coating delivers a superior and consistent finish because it is applied to a flat substrate. Our competitive advantage is the ability to coat, decorate and then form a part retaining a consistently high quality finish.

Our roll coating system is designed to accommodate high and low volume runs while providing a class "A" surface finish. Each of our roll coating lines is capable of applying three coats to a metal substrate:

  1. a base coat which prepares the part
  2. a selective coat for color or tint preference
  3. a clear coat for extra protection

Our customers utilize roll coating to add a vibrant and consistent finish to their flat and formed products.

Available Roll Coat Finishes

  • Clear
  • Opaque-can color match any chip on site
  • Transparent-can apply any color tint
  • Metallics

Roll Coating Specifications

  • Roll coat lines with washers
  • Accommodates blanks up to 36" x 46"
  • Perfect for high or low volume runs
  • Allows for up to 3 coats
  • Can pretreat aluminum or steel
  • Reverse and direct roll coating options

Roll Coating Products

Tier 1 supplier to the appliance industry for:

  • Dishwasher Front
  • Appliance Consoles
  • Trim Rings

Automotive Interior Components

  • Sill Plates